Sunday, January 27, 2008


  • BARACK: spanked hillary in SC as expected. blacks overwhelmingly voted barack. his speech was great as usual. this is pride not prejudice.
  • JANET: will not perform at the grammys. her single is flopping. but she is planning to tour, and i will be there to mark that off my to do list
  • RUMOR CONTROL/ciara: NO she is not having an abortion with 50 cent child. and no 50 did not sneak off with eddie murphy's, teeth edmonds, while ciara was in his hotel room...geesh.... other than the fact that ciara denies even dating 50, she tours year round. but this is the big leagues ci. until you share with the public who you are dating (and we know it's either polow or 50) you have to suck it up and take it.
  • CIARA: speaking of...will host and perform at a superbowl party this weekend and also has a speaking engagement with disadvantaged kids who will get to go to the superbowl. ci luv the why is she killing them? i kid i kid.
  • RUMOR CONTROL/neyo: no he is not suing the girl from destiny's child. writers get paid before anybody else so is already paid and continues to get royalties. but it makes a great story.
  • THE GIRL FROM DC: to perform at the grammys with the woman she copies, tina turner
  • MARY J BLIDGE: mary will be performing with aretha franklin @ the grammys. she will also headline the superbowl halftime show.
  • GRAMMY BOYCOTT: rumor is that justin timberfake, teeth brown, tpain, lil wayne and others may not attend the grammy despite the writers not protesting
  • JOHN LEGEND: has a live album out this week
  • KIM AND REGGIE: confirm they are dating. Reggie's a better man than I..okay i'm not a man, but can you imagine dating someone with a sextape with someone else? ew
  • RAEQUAN: says jayz and kanye aren't street; lost touch with roots; and should donate to the hood; uhm why are members of wutang hating. besides meth and rza, the rest are bitter.
  • RUMOR: chris brown and rihanna dating? because they were keeping it a secret but went shopping at barneys in manhattan where all the photogs are.......can we say publicity op. perhaps his manager wants to divert attention from her so that charges won't be pressed.
  • DIDDY: changes name again to Sean John. seriously, who cares?
  • CELEB IN POLITICS: usher, kerry washington, chris tucker say vote for obama. Diddy Jay Russell are holding off just yet. oh and usher's dad just died
  • JORDIN SPARKS: to release new single w/ Chris Brown....that'll make 2 people i don't give a ... about
  • JILL MARIE: told essence she left girlfriends cause her contract was up and she wanted to do other things. this is in contrast to what tracey said about her wanting more money. whatever the reason i can assure her all that awaits her are b rated black films...ask gabby.
  • SANAA LATHAN AND JHUD: will be in new tyler perry movie that will more than likely have the same plot as the other 35.
  • RUMOR HAS IT: Heath Ledger was hooking up with Mary Kate, ie jump off jump off, before his death
  • MARIA SHARAPOVA: that cocky b*tch won the australian open. can't stand her ass. Venus and Serena need to step their games up
  • RIHANNA: recently scored a third top 10 on the US charts with Don't Stop The Music and has yet to go platnum. She will also get to perform with Time at the grammys. She won a NRJ French award and performed.

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